Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Stuff

It was a good point...where is all the happy stuff?

Here is a good test for everyone interested. Just a couple of questions to put things into perspective:

1. What is one thing you like about yourself?
2. What is one thing you like about the way you live?
3. What is one thing you have that you really love?

And to boost positivity of our times I will answer first.

1. My current evolution
2. My wish fulfilled
3. My objects and subjects of desire

Saturday, November 26, 2011


In a frenzy of that quickly passed due to other pressing matters, I wondered what a woman is today...a generalisation:
What can she do today? In the new millenium...

She can't cook much...because she's too busy pretending to be a man and pushing papers.
She can't fix things because she does not have the strength - gym is for looking like the attractive secretary, not for endurance and strength.
She can't sow or knit or do any kind of other intricate needlework because that is too stereotypical, and because her mother didn't know either...
She can't do much mathematics or anything that requires heavy brain work because that is not the training she received and she never thought to look further...
She does not have the self awareness to philosophise, psychologise or anything that requires deeper thought, because none of that brings her money...
She does not wish to bear children...because they cost money...and because they will ruin her body...
She can't even orgasm...

...she has toys for that...for that perfect outside orgasm...inside remains the forbidden realm...the untouched...unexplored...unchartered...unwanted

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Price of Love

Artists, poets, philosophers have spoken and still speak about love. They analyse it, push its limits, and define it. People are always looking for love, all different kinds: sexual love, frienship love, romantic love, family love and various combinations thereof...they are always searching for it, yearning for it, desirous of it, fighting for it, dying for it...

But...why then? If love is the center of our universe and the essence of our existence...why?

Do we always seek to destroy it...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pardon me!

I think I may have stepped on your feet on my way to the next potential job!
So sorry!
Not! I don't really give a shit about you or your personal space. What the fuck were you doing in my space? Taking your time, walking your lazy, fat ass in unison with the spirit of the times. Fuck you, you fat, foreign, bitch!
These are the real thoughts behind the phrase "Pardon me!"
I am the new geisha...I hide my anti-social personality behind popular phrases and euphemisms. But make no mistake, I am anti-social, for that is a condition of my lifestyle. Without this attribute, I shall be used and broken like a pretty, porcelain doll...and I do not wish to be broken! Not by you, and not by a man, and not by my lover, my partner, my family...or by any other entity than my own self.

The Millenium Geisha will only be broken, by her own hands, clasped tightly around her own neck, gripping and squeezing the life-force out of her own body and filtering it, into the void...

Saturday, November 12, 2011


For the modern woman, this very loosely used term, "slut", is a nebulous adjective.

What makes a woman a slut? And where exactly lies the difference between a "good" and a "bad" slut?

There seems to be a general consensus that there is a moral difference between versions of SLUT. A good slut only fucks the one for whom she has declared her love, directly or indirectly. A bad slut fucks whomever she pleases without justification of her actions. A very good slut keeps herself untainted for "the one". A very bad slut charges money.

But either way, the Millennium woman is a slut...right?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Perfectly Sedated

The best concoctions of the Millenium to keep the populace perfectly sedated: computer/console games, facebook, and medication.

Another perspective to consider: your body is rotting a little each day until the final and irreversible disintegration called death and the best you ever managed to do with it was to make the next level, post your victory on facebook and take a sleeping pill to make up for all the 3am nights it took to get there.

But there is a come-back to that, as there always is: "Nothing really matters."

Yes, you are don't matter...and nothing really matters...but keep making sure somebody else does...with each click, you make them matter more!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Fantasy of Violence

Does the modern woman fantasize of sexual and social violence, against herself and others?

Perhaps BDSM caters for these previously unchartered territories.

The Millenium Geisha still longs for submission...even in her sado-masochism, the final destination is submission. She fantasizes about being slapped in the face, caned, tortured and then caressed. The ultimate menage a trois between sexism, feminism, and modernism has caused a spectacular short circuit:

"As a female of the millenium side-effect, I desire to be beaten into submission and then I want to hear the words I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU."

The Seduction - one approach

How to do sex...when there is no firestarter?

Probably the question asked many times by our modern geisha' know, the witch in kitchen and the slut in the bedroom type.

A little bit of animalistic voodoo, is the answer. It's quite simple really. Yeah, you have no energy, neither has the partner. It's the middle of the week, you have money troubles, a serious desire to dive into irreality and to never re-emerge and there is not much left in the fridge.

Brush your teeth, freshen up the body you "still" take care of, and get under the covers...naked. Switch off the light, and...wait...

The rest happens just like in the movies...almost...XD

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Post Traumatic Stress

The millenium Geisha is predominantly the breadwinner of the family. She keeps the full time job, takes care of the family...and lives off anti-depressants for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cup of coffee, a cigarette, another cigarette...traffic...pretending to be in perfect control...smiling that artificial corporate the make-up, something tasteless and quick for lunch...a quick call to the husband/boyfriend, an sms to the cute guy recently acquainted on facebook...back to the paper-pushing and telephone answering.

The Millenium Geisha is the modern woman who is a specialist in sexual perversion, loving family relations and tasty lunches and dinners. Essentially living the double, or triple life that should bring perfect bliss to all around all...except her.