Saturday, November 26, 2011


In a frenzy of that quickly passed due to other pressing matters, I wondered what a woman is today...a generalisation:
What can she do today? In the new millenium...

She can't cook much...because she's too busy pretending to be a man and pushing papers.
She can't fix things because she does not have the strength - gym is for looking like the attractive secretary, not for endurance and strength.
She can't sow or knit or do any kind of other intricate needlework because that is too stereotypical, and because her mother didn't know either...
She can't do much mathematics or anything that requires heavy brain work because that is not the training she received and she never thought to look further...
She does not have the self awareness to philosophise, psychologise or anything that requires deeper thought, because none of that brings her money...
She does not wish to bear children...because they cost money...and because they will ruin her body...
She can't even orgasm...

...she has toys for that...for that perfect outside orgasm...inside remains the forbidden realm...the untouched...unexplored...unchartered...unwanted


  1. so much unfrotunate truth in this post -message from sasha

  2. Yes, maybe there are some things you can't do, but... here you are writing, so you see, there are things that you're good at :)
    Besides, try to get rid of some preconceptions like "I didn't received training for this,therefore I won't be able to do it", and see what happens then; sometimes we can discover in us amazing abilities,we only need to seek the opportunity to make them real.

  3. Well I agree...I didn't apply this to myself though...I can knit and sow, and do mathematics and I can definitely orgasm in many ways...XD