Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pardon me!

I think I may have stepped on your feet on my way to the next potential job!
So sorry!
Not! I don't really give a shit about you or your personal space. What the fuck were you doing in my space? Taking your time, walking your lazy, fat ass in unison with the spirit of the times. Fuck you, you fat, foreign, bitch!
These are the real thoughts behind the phrase "Pardon me!"
I am the new geisha...I hide my anti-social personality behind popular phrases and euphemisms. But make no mistake, I am anti-social, for that is a condition of my lifestyle. Without this attribute, I shall be used and broken like a pretty, porcelain doll...and I do not wish to be broken! Not by you, and not by a man, and not by my lover, my partner, my family...or by any other entity than my own self.

The Millenium Geisha will only be broken, by her own hands, clasped tightly around her own neck, gripping and squeezing the life-force out of her own body and filtering it, into the void...

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